About Us

Blended and Baked started at the peak of COVID in 2020. When you couldn’t find toilet paper at the grocery store, we were easily making $2000 a week selling cookies. By the end of COVID we had 3 restaurants selling our product and investors from overseas interested in buying us out but we weren’t quite ready for the next step because everything happened so fast.

We’ve been featured in 3 online magazines and even had an interview with the Wall Street Journal. Blended and Baked is an upcoming business located just east of Atlanta with over 37 flavors and 500 customers in 27 states and counting.

The top sellers are the Blended and Baked Banana Pudding cookies (made with real banana pudding) the strawberry cheesecake cookies (made with real cheesecake), Peanut butter, chocolate chip and cookies and cream (which was the very first blended and baked flavor)! If you’re on a diet then don’t try it but you’ll be glad that you did. Place an order today or inquire to become a Blended and Baked Brand Ambassador or Affiliate!